Actor Myths Posing As RULES

Actor Myths Posing As RULES

A lot of the rules looming in front of Actors are just myths.   Here are a few you may have heard yourself: • You’re not supposed to do a drop-off. • You’re not supposed to come to someone’s office. • You can only do this if you have an agent. • If you didn’t go to a...

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A Tale of Two Mergers

A Tale of Two Mergers

It is a sad fact that the vast majority of mergers, acquisitions, and reorganizations don’t deliver on the promises envisioned by their creators. The quality of leadership and the value of optimizing human potential leads to ultimate results.  Having led teams through...

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A Nation of Grievers

A Nation of Grievers

It’s been a rough few months for human beings lately.   Here in the U.S. and in our territories in the Caribbean, we’ve seen many people’s worlds rocked to their core. We’ve experienced the winds and rains of hurricanes and the destructive furnace of fires. On top of...

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